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Mikkel Bech @ Bech Solutions

Mikkel Bech

I am a 22 years old web developer that focuses on delivering modern, scaleable and high quality web solutions. ⚡🚀

My skills →

My primary focus is on Javascript, HTML and CSS. I have worked with front-end libraries such as Next.js (React), Fabric.js and more. In terms of back-end I have been working with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and more.

Is your web solution built differently? Feel free to contact me. I might still be able to help!

Contact me →

I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Feel free to contact me using one of the below;

LinkedIn: @mikkellbech

Worksome: @MikkelBech

Github: @BE-CH


Phone: +45 21 77 54 13